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Free Standing Screens

Freestanding Totem.jpg

Our free standing screens (totems) come in 50" and 55" versions. Totems make a big impact as they can be placed close to your customer when wall and ceiling mounts won't do. We can supply both passive and multi-touch versions so you can interact with your audience in the most effective way. 


Totems are portable and hence are perfect for applications where customer flow changes on a regular basis 


Our PCAP Multi-Touch Screen Displays can run off any Windows based PC; simply connect a video signal via HDMI and USB for the touch functionality. The screen will then serve as your computer monitor and the touch functionality controls the cursor, essentially acting as your mouse. You can then navigate your desktop, a website or software application with your fingertips. Our Touch Screen Displays also support Multi-Touch functionality, allowing you to manipulate images, zoom in an out as well as perform many other touch gestures; much like you would with a smart-phone.

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